What they do:
Liam Wilson and Julia Pinter create contemporary circus shows. They combine diverse juggling techniques, partner dance, comedy, mime, magic and other secret ingredients in fresh and tasty performances. Their attitude is humane and adaptive; they strive to live in the moment and remain ready for anything. With focus on movement as a means of connecting with each other and their audience, their high skill level is kept in service to communication. Their own interest in audience and environment is equally important as the attention they receive.

Who they are:
Julia and Liam met in Berlin in 2013, where they recognised great potential for artistic collaboration. Forming Company PilkoPilko shortly afterwards, their unique style of partner juggling blossomed, taking them in new and interesting directions and becoming the focus of their working lives. Together they have trained, travelled and performed, enjoying great success on both street and stage.

Liam grew up in Scotland, climbing trees, hillwalking and teaching himself to juggle. His passion for creative movement exploded, bringing him into contact with many teachers including Stefan Sing, Roberto Olivan, Morgan Cosquer and Guillaume Martinet. His style matured, taking on a visual emphasis and using innovative juggling as a tool for communication and storytelling. In 2010 he became a full-time performer and left Scotland to explore the European circus scene, a decision that opened the path to juggling fame and glory.

Julia is from Berlin, where she found her love for juggling and experimental movement. A solid base of autodidactic training combined with input from teachers including Kelvin Kalvus, Marianna DeSanctis, Mikel Ayala, Aragorn Boulanger and Andre Hidalgo broadened her skills. Her personal style is characterized by calm precision and an ability to build connection with the world. 2014 saw Julia take the leap to being a professional performer, finding her feet and running towards an unknown but exciting future.

Where they've been:
- Festival Artisti di Strada, Ascona, Switzerland
- Lenzburger Gaukler- & Kleinkunstfestival, Switzerland
- Di Strada in Strada, Santa Sofia, Italy
- Bajocco Festival Albano Laziale, Italy
- InArt Festival, Montenegro
- Edinburgh Festival Fringe, Scotland
- Napoli Buskers Festival, Italy
- Jugglers' Park Gala, Berlin, Germany
- Alle Mitmischen Gala, Leipzig, Germany
- Freiburger Jonglierconvention Gala, Germany
- Herzogstraßenfest Bern, Switzerland
- Parkbeben Poggenhagen, Germany
- Fusion Festival, Germany
- Gauklerfest Tuttlingen Online Edition
The Red Thread
Having performed together on the street for a decade, being married and having a child, what difference would it make if we were literally tied together? That is the question PilkoPilko set out to answer in their new creation “The Red Thread”. Here, the red thread is a red thread, which binds the performers while they do what they love to do every day: juggling, dancing and laughing at absurd and beautiful coincidences.

A crystal ball rolls over and between two bodies, its fluid movement punctuated by moments where it appears to be fixed in space. A holographic ring seems to be anchored in the air. Four hands keep balls flying. The ever-present red thread connects and restricts, at times under great tension and in other moments loose and relaxed. The freedom that PilkoPilko feel in creative movement becomes most visible when they are restricted. This paradox is at the heart of the piece. PilkoPilko use their mastery of contact juggling and object dance to turn a bond into a creative blessing, bringing new life and meaning to these established disciplines.

Five minutes jammed with fresh and funny illusion style dance juggling. Can you be sure who this arm belongs to?
"Julia and Liam were the absolute highlight of the Alle Mitmischen gala show. We were enchanted by beautiful images, movement and object manipulation on the highest level. Their outstanding creativity and sense of humour drew us all into their world." (Birte Paulsen, organizer of Alle Mitmischen Festival)
"he/she/it has"
A unique contact juggling duo inspired by yoga, contemporary dance and mime. Aesthetic movement and precise musicality combine with a twist of humour and surprise.

If balls wanted to talk they might say "It's so absurd that Liam thinks he can get away with telling people what balls want to say - everyone knows these are just some words he wrote."
If Liam wanted to talk he might say: "Do come and see my three ball dance juggling act, I have worked really hard on it."

Is o l a tion
Juggling in Quarantine

Aquarium or The Slippery Fish
King Tut himself probably didn't practice street dance very often, but hieroglyphics from the walls of his tomb have nonetheless inspired a family of geometric dance styles. PilkoPilko take joy in developing these precise forms and combining partner tutting with organic styles of movement. Angles, curves, lines, waves, abstract expression and fish.

Mesmerising hoop illusion dance. Hoops take on a life of their own and lead an exploration of space and time that makes viewers question their eyesight and even the laws of physics. It looks so easy, but there are years of work and love behind these energetic choreographies and improvisations. Circus has come a long way since the time when hoops were just there for lions to jump through.

Berlin Isolation Report
A piece about the basic fragility of existence. Plus a touch of magic.

Juggling on Ice
Liam Wilson, Music Oskar Schuster

A Time for Everything Else
Collaboration with Kate Boschetti, Liam Wilson, Julia Pinter, Music Joni Void

Souped Up
PilkoPilko in the kitchen. Not cooking. Plus Ladle Illusion. Music Edvard Grieg

Bits and Pieces
Julia Pinter, Music Jacob Groening

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