PilkoPilko is an artistic duo formed by Liam Wilson and Julia Pinter. Together they have travelled five continents performing for audiences of all ages and backgrounds. They love to share their singular, elegant and humane brand of contact juggling with the world. Aesthetic movement and precise musicality combine with a twist of humour and surprise to create unforgettable performance experiences. Whether you are looking for walkabout performance or a stage act, performers for private functions or corporate events - PilkoPilko offer world class contact juggling tailor made for your event.

PilkoPilko also love to share their knowledge. They have taught workshops one on one and to large groups for the last ten years. At the same time, they are perpetual students themselves.

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Impressum: Julia Pinter, Liam Wilson
Code: Armin Friebe / friebearmin@gmail.com